Composite Web Application Block (CWAB) and Localization

Dec 19, 2007 at 5:30 PM
We updated our WCSF June 2007 to use the new Composite Web Application Block (CWAB) last week.

We found by doing this it broke our localization solution. The problem is that we retrieve the user's selected culture (e.g. someone wants to see our site in French in the US stores their culture in session) from the presenter through the controller.

The problem that we have is that Localization needs to happen before PreInit fires. Now with the new CWAB the service locater (i.e. ObjectBuilder) doesn't perform its role until after InitializeCulture is called from the engine. (To put it simply when InitializeCulture runs our presenter is still null.)

Can someone recommend a solution for how to properly use Localization with WCSF + CWAB?